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ObonFest 2022 Program!!!

Schedule of Events;

2:00pmFestival Opening, Sugahara Sensei

3:00pmFilm; Tapping on the Bell of Silence, Kim Stafford, Temple Sanctuary

3:00pmIkebana Demonstration and Hands on Experience, Outside North Wall

3:15pmChildren’s Puppet Show, Outside North Wall

3:30pmObukan Kendo Demonstration, Outdoors

4:00pmTemple Talk, Sugahara Sensei, Temple Sanctuary

4:00pmIkebana Demonstration and Hands on Experience, Outside North Wall

4:15pmChildren’s Puppet Show, Outside North Wall

4:30pmFilm; OBON, Gathering of Joy, Temple Sanctuary

4:30pmJapanese Classical Dance by Tsubaki Buyo Doukou Kai, Outdoors

5:00pmTemple Talk, Sugahara Sensei, Temple Sanctuary

5:00pmIkebana Demonstration and Hands on Experience, Outside North Wall

5:15pmChildren’s Puppet Show, Outside North Wall

5:30pmFilm; Kangie by Nobuko Miyamoto, Temple Sanctuary

5:30pmPortland Taiko Student Group Performance, Outdoors

6:00pmDancer’s Service, Temple Sanctuary

6:30pmPortland Taiko Performance, Outdoors

7:00pm to 9:00pm, Traditional Folk Dancing, Everyone, Please Join In

Temple Basement

Yukata, Hapi, Kimono Sales; Beautiful Selection to ‘Dance with Joy’

Omiyage Sales; Asian Gift Items


Children’s Activities;Outside North Wall, Try your Luck at Festival Ball Drop

Obonfest T-shirts in Assorted Colors and Styles, SW Corner

Information Table with First Aid, SW Corner

Scrumptious Food

cob, Beef and Chicken Skewers, Grilled Squid, Grilled Teriyaki Hot Dogs, Grilled Corn on the Cob with Miso/Butter or Ume/Butter, Somen with Fresh Toppings, Spam Musubi, Cucumbers on a Stick, Sushi Boats with Delectable Toppings, Yakisoba Noodles with Assorted Vegetables, Shave Ice, Manju with Fresh Fruit


Activities on the North Side

Ikebana International, Portland Chapter #47, Flower Design;

3pm to 6pm

Create your own ikebanaflower design with master teacher, Mrs. Nana Bellerud and other

artists from the Ikebana International, Portland Chapter #47 School of Ikebana. Ikebana

explores artistic concepts of balance, contrast and negative space. Demonstration and

hands on artistry at 3pm, 4pm, 5pm.

Children’s Corner with Puppet Theatre, 2pm to 7pm

Enjoy a live puppet show and other creative games and crafts for children of all ages.

Puppet Shows; 3:15pm / 4:15pm / 5:15pm

Games include Dharma Ducklings, 3 Poisons, Obon Roulette, Festival Ball Drop, Clothes Pin Drop and Maineki Neko. Craft Corner.

Temple Basement

Omiyage Shop 2pm - 8pm

Fill your basket with a treasure trove of Asian novelties.

Yukata, Hapi and Kimono Sales, 2pm - 6pm

Choose a yakata or hapi to ‘Dance for Joy’ on Saturday evening at 7pm!

Obonfest T-shirts; 2pm - 8pm

Choose an original designed t-shirt in assorted colors and styles

Temple Hondo

View the artistic beauty of Japanese calligraphy by our treasured

member, the late Mrs. Judy Yamauchi.

Tapping on the Bell of Silence, by Kim Stafford, 3pm

Guest Speaker at NW District Buddhist Convention “The Art of Buddhism"

Temple Talk by Sugahara Sensei, 4pm

OBON, Gathering of Joy, 4:30pm

A creation of the first Obon song in English inspired by Rev. Mas Kodani of Senshin Temple

and written by Nobuko Miyamoto

Temple Talk by Sugahara Sensei, 5pm

Kangie by Nobuko Miyamoto, 5:30pm

Commissioned by the Buddhist Churches of America Music Committee, artist and activist,

Nobuko Miyamoto has created a new bon odori, “Kangie” (Gathering of Joy) for use at temple Obon festivals.

Dancer’s Service; 6pm

Outdoor Program

Kendo 3:30pm

kendo, Japanese kendō (“way of the sword”), traditional Japanese style

of fencing with a two-handed wooden sword, derived from the fighting methods of the

ancient samurai(warrior class). The unification of Japan about 1600 removed most

opportunities for actual sword combat, so the samurai turned swordsmanship into a

means of cultivating discipline, patience and skill for building character

Founded in 1932, Obukan Kendo Club is a non-profit organization part of the Pacific

Northwest Kendo Federation (PNKF), which is a member of the All United States Kendo

Federation. Obukan practices Kendo, Bokutoh Kata, and Iaido in Beaverton, Oregon.

Beginner classes offer students of all ages to try and experience this martial art. Please, or call 503.381.9015 for more information.

Odori; Tsubaki Buyo Doukou Kai, 4:30pm

Featuring graceful, storytelling in dance form.

Portland Taiko Student Group Performance 5:30pm

This year Portland Taiko’s classes will join together for a community performance at the Oregon Buddhist Temple’s Obon festival

Portland Taiko Performance; 6:30pm

Portland Taiko blends the tradition of Japanese taiko drumming with a sense of Asian American identity, creativity, and empowerment. Formed in 1994 by Ann Ishimaru, Zachary Semke, and Japanese American community activists, Portland Taiko has headlined at arts festivals and concert halls, released three CDs, and has performed at hundreds of community events and school assemblies.To date, Portland Taiko has reached over 1 million audience members at over 1500 performances at theaters, schools, community events and festivals.

Obon Odori; Traditional Folk Dance, 7pm - 9pm


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