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November Newsletter and Happenings!

Happy November!

We hope that you are staying healthy, safe and warm!

Portland seems to have gotten so chilly all of a sudden!!!

November issue of our newsletter is up on our website!

Please check it out -- Yuki Sensei's Dharma message is always meaningful, and there are news about the temple, a couple of fun things to come up in November, and some happy photos!

One of the fun things to happen in November is our Benefit Music Concert -- In the Spirit of Giving: An Evening of Music with OBT!

This event will be held on Saturday, November 14th at 7pm via zoom. The concert is free, but donations are greatly appreciated!! If you would like to know more, please go to our Benefit Concert Page to find out ways to help the temple!

Through this channel, you can visit our morning services at 8am PST every morning, and our Sunday Services on Sundays at 10am PST. There is a Japanese Dharma Talk by Yuki Sensei once a month, which is also on this channel!

The temple building may be closed for now, but we are all connected via many ways.

Please stay well, and keep in touch.

See you at our November services and events!


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