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Kimono, Omiyage, Books and Pop Culture Items!!


It has been a nice weather in Portland this week.

We hope you are enjoying your summer!

OBT Sangha members have been busy preparing for our upcoming Obon -- which will be in less than a month!!!

Please check back the Obon Main Page for most current information!

When you come to our Obon Fest (August 5th), do visit our main building, Temple Hall, in between amazing open air performances of Japanese dances, Taiko and Martial arts, ets. Main building's upper floor is our Hondo with our beautiful Onaijin of Amida Buddha. There will be temple talks by our new Supervising Minister, Rev. Tadao Koyama, so we hope you will not miss that! Our Obon Schedule including when his talks will be, will be posted soon!

Downstairs of our main building is our merchandise floor.

The floor will be divided into several sections- Kimono Sale, Omiyage Sale, Book Sale and Pop Culture Items. Here are some pictures from our past Obon! Great opportunity to find wonderful deals on beautiful kimonos and Japanese things!

This year, we will have books and pop culture items too!!

How fun will that be!!?

So, hope to see you all at Obon!!


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