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June Newsletter is Here!

Hello, how have you been?

The June issue of the temple newsletter is available on our website! The June issue has the Dharma message from Yuki Sensei, a message from the temple president Cathy, news from OBWA, Dharma School, Virtual Obon Committee, Study Class and many other interesting articles and updates, so please check it out!

The Northwest District Ministers Association had a joint Gotanye service on Shinran Shonin's birthday. Have you had a chance to watch it? This is the second joint service by the Northwest ministers -- plus the guest minister, Rev.Kojo Kakihara from Hiroshima, Japan! It is 70 minutes of special Dharma messages (in English and in Japanese) by all the ministers.

This Sunday, May 24th, Rev.Kakihara will be the guest minister for OBT's Gotanye Service. Join us at 10am on our YouTube channel!

And here is Yuki Sensei's rendition of "Shinran Sama"! Please enjoy!



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