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July 2020 Newsletter is Here!

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

July issue of our newsletter, Pureland Path is here on our Newsletter page!

This issue has the Dharma message from Rev.Sugahara -- a very timely one, a message from the temple president Cathy, OBWA news (and a recipe!!!!!), updates from Buddhist Study Class, the Garden Crew, some wonderful photos, notifications on upcoming Zoom Lectures (by Doc.Rev.Ken Tanaka), notification on our Virtual Obon (yes, we will have virtual Obon!!!). Visit our Newsletter page, and check out our latest news! There are so much more in the latest issue!

We are also congratulating our Dharma School student, Akane Grace on graduating high school! She is an amazingly smart person, who excels especially in robotics. We cannot wait to hear more on her exciting adventures ahead!

We cannot thank enough for Shinya, who gathers all the contents, and patiently edits and re-edits the newsletter each month. Thank you, Shinya, for producing the newsletter every month, connecting the Sangha with important messages and interesting news of OBT.

Please stay safe, and stay connected.



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