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Happy New Year 2019!!!

Happy New Year of 2019! Today was the first Sunday Service and Shotsuki Hoyo of 2019 at Oregon Buddhist Temple, followed by the New Year's Party.

The greeters welcomed with big smiles as people walked into the front door, and Etsu welcomed people with music as they walked into the Hondo. Etsu brought out her flannel board to tell the kids the story of Prince Siddartha and the Swan, reminding the younger audience the importance of compassion.

Yuki Sensei's talk is on our Youtube channel, so please check it out if you have missed it, or want to listen to it again!! Yuki Sensei's talk often starts with everyday ordinary things, which then is explored in Buddhist view. Today's talk referred to Buddhist altars and Traffic Road Signs! To find out more, click on the above Youtube link!

Right after the service was the installation of the 2019 OBT Board Members and OBWA officers. Thank you for being on the board and sharing your time and skills in leading the OBT and OBWA!

After the installation, there was the New Year's Party downstairs. Chaired by Katie T, people enjoyed visiting each other over delicious bento box and desserts. Luncheon was followed by Yuki Sensei's guitar performances, and lots of sing-alongs and karaokes by the Sangha! Thank you to Katie, OBWA members, January Toban team and volunteers for running the New Year's Party full of fun! Thank you to Todd for being the MC! Thank you to everyone who participated!! It was a great way to start the New Year at the Oregon Buddhist Temple!


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