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Gomonshu sama's Visit

  On September 2nd, Oregon Buddhist Temple was very honored to welcome Gomonshu Kojun Otani, for a special service and confirmation ceremony. Gomonshu sama is the head priest of our school, Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha, and is the descendent of our founder Shinran Shonin (1173-1263). Gomonshu Kojun Otani succeeded the light of the dharma from his father, Koshin Otani, and became 25th Gomonshu in 2014.


  For weeks, Sangha members worked very hard to get the temple ready for welcoming Gomonshu sama. Floors were polished and waxed, brass lamps in onaijin got rubbed until they were shining, every room in the temple was cleaned up! Lots of messages went between Sangha members to plan for the important day.

   Gomonshu-sama, Kojun Ohtani arrived at the temple around 2pm, with Rev. Koki Asano, Rev. Keiichi Abe, Rev. Masumi Ishida, Rev.Itaru Nozaki, Rev. Kyoho Dantoku, and Rev.Tessho Kataoka who are all visiting BCA temples from Japan. Rev. Kodo Umezu, Bishop of BCA also was part of the visiting guests. During the special service, Gomonshu sama shared a very thoughtful and warm message to the OBT Sangha.

  The special service was followed by potluck luncheon (the main entree was the delicious grilled salmon, but there were lots of other amazing food prepared by the Sangha), and then by the confirmation ceremony, during which 21 Sangha members received Buddhist name from Gomonshu sama. Congratulations to everyone who received the names!

It was a very special day for the temple, and a very special experience for the Sangha. We are very grateful to Gomonshu sama, the ministers from Hongwanji, and Bishop Umezu to visit and spend time with us. We are also very grateful to Rev. Sugahara who shares his Dharma with us every Sunday and other days.

On November 23, 2018, our Gomonshu-sama, Kojun Ohtani delivered a message at the Hongwanji's annual Perpetual Memorial and Autumn Service. This four verse piece, "Our Pledge" was included in his message, that summarizes his thoughts on how we may bring religion closer to our everyday lives.


upcoming happenings at OBT

Sept. 8 (Sun) Picnic in the Park. A short service followed by a potluck at Kenilworth Park.

Sept.15(Sun) Shotsuki Hoyo for September. Ohigan Service.



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