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February Newsletter is Here!

In the temple garden, pale green Narcissus buds are peeking from the ground. The Camellia flower buds, a little bit plumper than yesterday, are starting to show their rich red colors. The breeze is still wintry, but we can feel the spring waiting around the corner.

This issue starts with Rev.Sugahara's very interesting and fun Dharma message. February issue, then, is followed by a lot of information on how active our temple is staying during this time -- Dharma Exchange, Dharma School, OBWA, Buddhist Class, Virtual Happy Hour and Community Service! Yes, they are all happening at the temple virtually! There are messages from temple president Ken on BCA's National Council and OBT's General Meeting (please scroll to the last pages to learn more about the National Council!!), an important message from Dr.Al on pledges, and our new board member Jeanette writes about her experience on attending the virtual Hoonko Seminar we just had.

February issue packs information and the essence of OBT into 11 pages, so please check it out! As usual, we cannot thank Shinya enough for getting all the articles, photos, and editing them into Pureland Path!

Please check the February issue out, to see what is going on at the temple!



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