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February Newsletter!


it is almost the end of January, and we have our February Newsletter up on our Newsletter page!

The February issue starts with Rev. Sugahara's Dharma message about the community and companionship in Pureland Buddhist way of thinking. We get to know more about our new board president Charles Reneau in his article, and we also get to know all the new officers of OBWA! Dharma School and Girl Scouts share their activities, and a very thoughtful article by the board member Angie (each month, one board member share their thoughts -- a great way to get to know a bit more about the people who volunteer to keep the temple business running smoothly!!)

Newsletter is a great source of information -- for dates and links! And our editor Shinya adds so much more character to it by finding photos and sharing interesting articles!! So please, go check it out!

and Thank you to all who have participated in our Hoonko Seminar and Service! Thank you to Rev. Blayne Higa for his wonderful Dharma messages for those two days.

For those who have missed it, or wish to watch and listen to his Dharma messages again, please visit our Hoonko Page !

Please stay warm and healthy and safe,

Please take care,




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