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Are you ready for In-Person / Online Hybrid Services?


In less than a week, OBT will have the first In-Person / Online Hybrid Service!!!

We are so excited!!!

The In-Person Services will look a little bit different from before.

For the time being, we are asking everyone to wear masks indoors.

Also, we are asking everyone to show the vaccination records at the entrance.

We want to be extra careful on the safety and health of everyone, as we slowly restart our reopening.

Our Online Service will be a little bit different too.

The LIVE streaming, that was via YouTube, will be via ZOOM. The Dharma Messages will still be uploaded to our YouTube channel, but they will not be LIVE.

We are still trying to figure out the best ways to stay connected to you all. And using Zoom for live streaming seems to work well at this point.

More information on live streaming will be shared via sangha emails, on the website and our social media. :-)

Hope to see you all at the Hybrid service!!!


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