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April Newsletter is Here!

Our April Newsletter is available to read online from the following link: .

This April is a fun busy month at OBT -- with Hanamatsuri to celebrate Buddha's birth, on April 7th (See what Dharma School Students are up to with their special program during the service), and Spring Food Bazaar on 28th. (There are going to be so much delicious food!!! You can preorder on our online store !!! ) Dharma School Students are holding a Pet Drive for Oregon Humane Society, by making pet blankets for the carriers this month.

Each month, our Newsletter shares the Dharma message by Reverend Yuki, and all the activities going on at the temple. Each issue, one of the board members take turns in writing a short essay to introduce themselves. Check the April issue to find out who is this months' board member!

We do have monthly Japanese Newsletters, too. If you are interested, do visit our Japanese page online for more information!


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