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Entertainment : Obon 2019

Opening Welcome (3:00pm-)

     with Rev.Sugahara

Minidoka Swing Band  (3:15pm-)

     A tribute to Japanese-Americans interned during WWII.

     Remember the big band swing music and the entertainment it provided!

Temple Talks  (4:00pm-)   (6:00pm-)

     Two talks led by Rev.Sugahara

New Bon Odori dance demo and lessons  (4:30pm-5:00pm)

     A quick introduction of the five new dances this year. Chris Dart and the 

      leaders group will do a quick teaching and demo of the new Obon

     dances for this year – Bon Odori Song, Asadoya Yunta (from

     Okinawa/Hawaii),  Miyagino Bon Odori (danced at OBT in 1994), Nippon

     Daiko (danced in 1997), and Soran Bushi (danced in 1995).   

White Lotus Dragon and Lion Dance  (5:30pm-6:00pm)

     Vietnamese Lion Dance troupe

Portland Taiko (6:30pm-6:50pm)

     A premier taiko experience.  Portland Taiko performs throughout the

      Pacific Northwest.

Obon Service (7:00pm-)

     With Rev.Sugahara.  A short service before bon odori.

Bon Odori (7:15pm-)

     An exciting program of old and new, Japanese and American dances.

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