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As Buddhists, we take refuge in The Three Treasures: the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha. The third of these, the Sangha, refers to our community.

2016 Membership Form

OBT Chanting Club
The OBT Chanting Club is for those who wish to study the sutras we chant in more detail and to learn new forms of chanting. The club will meet on most Sundays at 9:00 am (prior to the 10 am service).
Dharma Exchange
Dharma Exchange occurs after the Sunday Service and is a chance for temple members to fellowship and discuss various topics of the Dharma in an informal setting. Typically lead by a member volunteer, Dharma Exchange lasts about 1 hour.
Dharma School
Dharma School is religious instruction for children and teens ages 2 - 18. These classes begin after service on Sunday, usually 11:00 am, and run for about 45 minutes and include age appropriate lessons and fun activities.
Funeral Document
Funeral Directives Worksheet
We ask our members and friends to notifiy us when they notice any maintenance issues with our buildings and/or grounds. To report any maintenance issue, you can either fill out the simple on-line form on the maintenance page, log it on the new Maintenance Clipboard located in the basement on the South wall, or notify any of the board members
Minister's Assistants
BCA sponsor's a program training a limited number of Sangha members to be minister's assistants.
Membership Services
The Oregon Buddhist Temple exists because of and for our members. Membership allows voting priviledges, a subscription to the Wheel of Dharma (newsletter from the Buddhist Churches of America), and most importantly, demonstrates your support of OBT.

Membership Form

OBT History
OBT was founded in 1903 and has a rich history in Portland.
OBT Readers' Club
A Book (and other materials) Club for members and friends of OBT that focuses on Buddism and Buddhist themes.
Photo Gallery
Photos and images of general public interest
Our resident minister is Reverend Yuki Sugahara.
Sexual Harassment / Misconduct Policy
Sexual Exploitation or Sexual Harassment of Sangha members or others by anyone engaged in activity on behalf of OBT is unethical behavior and will not be tolerated within this Sangha. Any question or concern about our policy can be addressed to any member of the OBT Board.

Link to our policy statement
Temple Events
This is a list of events and activities that are either held by the Oregon Buddhist Temple or which OBT is a participant.
Organization for High School aged Buddhist Youth
contact the OBT webmaster for access
Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of 12 temple members. Board Members are voted in to serve a 3 year term. 4 seats on the Board are up for election each year. Any member of OBT in good standing is eligible to run for the Board.
2012 Board
The rules which govern the operations and internal affairs of OBT.
The Oregon Buddhist Temple Choir periodically performs during special Sunday services. All singers are invited to join.
The various committees working to keep OBT functioning. Click here to view a pdf file of the list of the 2010 committees and committee members.
Dharma School
Information on Dharma School
Girl Scouts
Girl Scout Troop 4-3720 is sponsored by OBT
OBT has a 1000 volume library open to members and friends
Lotus Circle
Supply flowers for the o-naijin
Oregon Buddhist Women's Association
Photo Gallery
Photo Albums of OBT Events
Temple Directory
Under Development
Monthly work crews
Young Buddhist Association